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OSgEarth installation walkthrough

OSgEarth installation walkthrough

In this walkthrough I will install OSGEarth in my virtualbox under windows 7. instelling_guestadditions

Setting up the virtual box

  • install and download virtualbox according to these instructions.
  • install ubuntu
    in virtualbox according to this post
  • install guest additions (start up your ubuntu virtualbox), in the menu –> devices –> install guest additions. This enables you to share data between windows and your virtual box and also to copy paste to and from the virtual box. After installation, go in the same menu to setting shared folders and do something similar as in the image on the right

Now start up the Terminal in the virtualbox and type the following command:

sudo mkdir /mnt/windows

sudo mount -t vboxsf gistemp /mnt/windows

Now you can access your data from within the virtual box. Go to the directory of /mnt/windows and you’ll see the contents of the folder ‘gistemp’. If you want to have this folder available at every startup, follow these instructions.

Installing dependencies

sudo apt-get install git
sudo apt-get install p7zip

Download the precompiled binaries

 7za x OpenSceneGraph-3.0.1-Ubuntu-x64-release-12741.7z 

Download the dependencies

7za x linux-Ubuntu-x64-release.7z
sudo apt-get install cmake
sudo git clone osg
sudo git clone osgearth


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